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With home care and Professional care of regular check-ups,
we keep your oral health and produce your something to live for.

We think the basic of all dental treatment is prevention and maintenance.
Even after treatment, taking professional care in the clinic once in 3 month besides your daily home care can keep your clean oral environment bacteria are hard to propagate.
Also, having check-up routine in the clinic can be your treasure for life.
Keeping your oral health is a one big step to keeping your body health.

What’s Preventive Dentistry?

Curving tooth and filling or covering is a settlement for parts teeth was gone.
Preventive dentistry improves this cause, prevents new cavity, and blocks the progress of periodontal disease.
Japanese people takes regular dental checkups and cleaning much less than other preventive developed countries.

For dental health, please watch out:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Cavity


Bacteria cause both of them. Controlling bacteria and getting along with them will not bring serious disease.
The best treatment is prevention.


Do you know 8020 Campaign?

Japan Dental Association starts this public awareness campaign which suggests leaving 20 teeth in 80 years old and having healthy life.
It does not true that Japanese people have healthy teeth because they have long lives.

【Difference of idea of prevention between Japan and Western countries】

Tips to protect your oral health

One prevention beats 100 times treatment!
It’s not too late to start. The date you decide is a big step to keeping your oral health.

POINT01.Get to know your oral environment.

Learn the bacteria and your power to bite.

POINT02.Improve your teeth brush skills!

Learn the way to brush your teeth and use froth and an interdental brush.

POINT03.Treatment to make back teeth bite well

Implant, artificial tooth, dental bridge

POINT04.Improve your oral environment bacteria are hard to propagate.

Change the tooth crown which doesn’t fit.

POINT05.Take regular checkups once in 3 month

Professional cleaning, eradication therapy etc