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Over forties is called “Periodontal disease treatment generation”.
Let’s keep your healthy oral cavity environment with check-ups.

It is told that almost 80% of adults have periodontal disease in Japan. The basic of our treatment is prevention. Keeping healthy state with check-ups after treatment and controlling oral environment can control the progress of the disease.
Teeth is the treasure for life. Let’s cherish them together.

What’s Periodontal Disease?


Leaving stains (dental plaque) on tooth causes inflammation to gum which surrounds teeth. Gum get red, swell, and bleed easily when toothbrush touch it softly. This symptom is called periodontal disease.
If you leave this periodontal disease, symptoms progresses; breaking alveolar bones (bones supporting teeth) gradually, teeth start moving, and teeth come off later (alveolar pyorrhea).
Periodontal disease includes gingivitis and alveolar pyorrhea.

Periodontal diseaseincludes gingivitis and alveolar pyorrhea.

Periodontal disease is the Major cause of falling out of the tooth over 40 years old.

Major cause of falling out of the tooth are cavity and periodontal disease, but recently the cause of periodontal disease is increasing.

Daily care is essential.


Keeping the surface of tooth clean without tooth plaque with brushing can decreases the bacteria.

Also, the tooth plaque changes to the dental stone which helps increasing the bacteria. One of the best way to avoid the dental stone is brushing properly.