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Teeth are treasures for life.
We fully support children’s healthy growth.

From newborn baby without teeth, small baby with baby teeth to children with adult teeth… the oral cavity in children changes dramatically according to their growth.
We fully support their healthy growth and teeth education to their parents. Please feel free to ask us anything.

Don’t treat the baby teeth roughly even though they will fall out eventually.

Don’t treat the baby teeth roughly even though they will fall out eventually.

When to start using toothbrush


At 6 month after birth, baby teeth starts coming out from front. New baby teeth are soft and easy to get cavity, so parents should brush the teeth until children can brush by themselves.

Six-year molar is the first step to be adults!


The adult tooth which first comes out around 6 years old is called “six-year molar”. Six-year molar which just comes out is shorter than baby teeth and it is hard to brush, so it causes cavities easily.
To avoid cavities, correct daily toothbrush and check-ups are necessary. Also, six-year molar can be a guide for other adult teeth to grow correctly. Please visit dental clinic to avoid cavity and beautiful teeth alignment.

Until when finish brushing is needed?


Children can start brushing their teeth from around 9 years old when the sense of fingers develops. Around this time, however, child teeth are replaced to adult teeth, and it is hard to brush them.
Until 12 years old when almost all adult teeth come out, parents should checkout and finish brushing after their children finish brushing.

For children’s healthy oral environment:

  • Teach the correct way of brushing
  • Give 3 meals and 1 snack a day
  • Take regular dental check-ups

One of the best gift for children is the oral health that they can enjoy eating with their teeth and laugh with their mouth big open.

We install the nitrous oxide (laughing gas) anesthesia


To ease children’s anxiety, we install the nitrous oxide anesthesia.
Inhaling laughing gas from the mask on the nose, they can relax taking the treatment.

We offer the child care service with security camera.


Because we also want parents who are busy with child care to take our treatment, we offer the child care service with security camera.
While the treatment, the monitor shows you your children playing in the kids room.
There is a time schedule that childcare workers charge, please feel free to ask about that.