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White beautiful teeth, dental care seeking for beauty.
Professional technicians create beauty as you want

Aesthetic treatment is a custom-made treatment we seek for the beauty you want together. Cooperating doctors, hygienists and technicians and we deal with your detailed needs.
Oral beauty brings good psychological effects, and conscious patients are satisfied with the treatment.

Laminate benia treatment

Laminate benia treatment is best for patients who worry the color or shape of teeth.

This treatment is curving the surface of front teeth with abnormal color or teeth about 0.5-1mm, and attaching very thin ceramic shell.
Amount of curving is less, but high technic of curving, creating shell, and attaching is needed.
Basically Laminate benia is adopted only for front teeth in upper jaw.
Since ceramic shell is very thin, we can’t adopt for the area which have high pressure.
It shows through the original color of attached tooth, so sometimes whitening is needed for dark-colored tooth, and orthodontics is needed for tooth with bad alignment.

Pros of Laminate benia
Have white tooth with Laminate benia treatment.
It’s effective for patients who have a gap between teeth.

Laminate benia is best for patients who want natural white teeth and who worry having a gap between teeth.
Curving the surface of front teeth and attaching thin ceramic shell, we can respond with your detailed requests about color and shape of teeth. Through care counseling and measurement of teeth color, we talk about your ideal goal. This is popular also because treatment is done only 2 times visit.


Whitening is the best if you want to have white teeth with affordable price!

It is not well known, but teeth gets more yellow as you get old.
If you want to have white beautiful teeth like celebrities without curving, whitening is the best.
Treatment of discoloring teeth with special bleaching and shedding visible rays brings you the white teeth casually.
We talk about your ideal completion before treatment.
Depending on patients, but it is common that treatment is completed within a few times visits.

Ceramic crown

Ceramic crown is the best for patients who have metal allergies and can’t have metal tooth crown.
Ceramic crown is made from whole ceramic and is beautiful material without discoloring.
Impression of teeth influences the impression of yourselves unexpectedly.
Why don’t you have beautiful, shine and confident smile?


Characteristics of Ceramic Crown
It is durable for a long time

When you chew foods, large force is applied to teeth, and teeth are subjected to component as foods and medicine.
Therefore teeth have possibility of alteration and discolor and due to corrosion.
Which means prosthesis should be made of material with excellent in strength and corrosion resistance.
All ceramic has high bio-compatibility and corrosion resistance, and is the best material for prosthesis.
If you apply all ceramic, surrounding people hard to notice it is a prosthesis.
With all ceramic, you can smile with your mouth wide open.

Differences between Ceramic and CEREC

CEREC means CEramic REConstruction.

We scan the affected part with 3D optical camera, replicate the alignment of it on the monitor, design the restoration on 3D screen on the computer, and make milling machine curve the block based on the data.

Differ from all ceramic dental technicians makeWe use Chair side, CAD/CAM System which designs and create restoration by computer made from Germany.
With this system, molding the tooth form is no needed because every process is done by computer. However, there are the case of molding it depending on the symptoms.
In all ceramic restoration which dental technician creates, it takes more than 10 days.
While in CEREC, it takes much faster and costs cheaper than general restoration because we don’t have to ask the dental technician’s office. Moreover, we use high-end ceramic block of standardized production, it is durable and treatment takes only 1 hour.


Having a safe teeth whitening by the dental clinic
Let’s Keep beautiful teeth with regular home care.

Recently there are self-whitening salons, but we offer the safe whitening as a dental clinic.
Using the medicine which professional doctors select, we offer satisfying treatment with less trouble.

What’s teeth whitening?

Pros of whitening:

  • Less stimulation of medicine
  • Short treatment time

Characteristcs of our treatment

1. Less pains and aches

We implement teeth whitening without pains and aches.

2. No limit of eating and drinking during and after treatment

Usual whitening treatments ask refraining from coffer and black tea. But our whitening treatment asks no limit of eating and drinking, and you can whiten your teeth without any stress.

3. Short treatment time

Treatment can be done in 30 mins one time.
Using lights, it takes only 8 mins.


Process of whitening treatment

In our clinic



Dental hygienist offer tests and counseling.
We take time answering your questions, and proceed after you understand and approve.




We have cleaning in your mouth to heighten an effect of whitening.
After the cleaning, we take pictures of your teeth before taking whitening.




We mold your teeth form to create your own mouthpiece.


At home



Pour whitening gel into mouth tray.




Attach a mouthpiece in front of mirror.




If the gel come out of tray, wipe it with a cotton swab.




When the designated time comes, remove and brush the mouthpiece.
Wash mouthpiece and keep it in water.

Cautions during the whitening treatment

  • Refrain from eating or drinking when attaching the tray.
  • Put the proper amount of medical (Size of rice) into tray.
  • There may be the case you feel something is wrong in your gum.
  • If there are symptoms as tooth ache, please let your hygienist or doctors know.
  • We recommend the regular cleaning to keep the whiteness for a long time.