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We offer service & procedures perfectly match for you

We offer wide variety of service and procedures perfectly fit for your symptoms, life stage, or lifestyle, including cavity care, a gum disease care, orthodontic treatment, and home-visit treatment etc.

We install new technology positively in order to offer comfortable treatment, because our first priority is your satisfaction.  We would like to be your lifetime partner to support your dental health from children to elderly patients.



セレック治療We install top-class technology and offer you high-quality and quick treatment; Treatment can be done within one day at least.

Dental implants


We offer perfect implants treatment for you from wide variety of procedures. For patients who are hard to visit us, we offer home-visit dental care.

orthodontic treatment


We offer you orthodontic treatment on Sundays. We have orthodontic professional who have
childcare qualifications.

Preventive care, maintenance

予防歯科With home-visit dental care and regular check-ups, we provide motivation in life protecting your oral health.

General Dentistry including cavity procedure


We offer insured/uninsured treatment according to your symptoms and needs.

Child Dentistry


Healthy teeth are the treasures for life. From milk teeth to permanent teeth, we support children’s healthy growth with our full effort.

Periodontal disease treatment


From forties, it is called “Periodontal disease treatment generation”. With check-ups, let’s keep healthy oral cavity environment.

Aesthetic dentistry (Whitening)


Aesthetic dentistry provides you white bright teeth and beauty. Our professional dental mechanic give you the beauty you like.

Dental Surgery


We offer treatment for patients with medically complex conditions cooperating with National Hospital Organization Osaka National Hospital.