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We completely sterilize equipment and device for treatment,
putting first priority on patients’ safety.


We use disposable products as much as possible.

Since dental treatments have many opportunities of touching blood or saliva, there are high risks of infecting hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV if sterilization of treatment equipment is not enough. Keeping all equipment clean and sterilizing the precision instrument takes a lot of troubles and costs, but they are necessary to offer the best treatment.

We completely sterilize equipment which touched patients’ mouth and use disposable products to cut the route of hospital infection.
Some clinics sterilize only the tip part of turbine (equipment to curve tooth) or disinfect 3WAY (equipment to produce water or wind) just with alcohol cotton. In our clinic, however, we separate all the parts and sterilize them.

Our Sterilization Points


We prepare basic treatment kits for each patient.

Equipment after sterilization (tweezers, mirror, probe, excavator, filling instrument, vacuum and chip) are put in the sterilized pack, which is opened in front of patients. We use disposable paper for the tray, and throw it away after use.



We attach the sterilized handpiece and drill after patients arrive.

Inside of handpiece takes in small amount of chip powder and saliva during treatment, so handpiece needs to be cleaned and sterilized completely. Sterilization of handpiece is not required by law, but we sterilize it with high pressure steam sterilizers every time, and attach it putting out from sterilized pack for each patient.



We dispose globes, cups and aprons for each patient.

We use disposable type of staff’s globes, cups, and aprons, and replace them for each patient.



We surely wipe chair, table and washbowl after every treatment.

During treatment blood and saliva are widely scattered, we wipe chair, table and washbowl after every treatment and keep them clean.

We always use rubber dam during the root canal therapy.

To block bacteria from entering the teeth

Rubber dam is the apparatus to block bacteria from entering the teeth.
In foreign countries it is quite common to use this, but according to statistics only 5.4 % of clinics in Japan use this.
In our clinic, we surely use rubber dum during the root canal therapy sterilize to block bacteria from entering the teeth.
Bacteria is included in saliva, so rubber dum moisture prevention can separate teeth and oral environment and offer clean treatment.
What’s the root canal therapy?

The root canal therapy is a treatment to pull out nerves.
Unless taking high-quality treatment, bacteria grow in the teeth, pus accumulate in the root of a tooth and it causes pain.
Goal of the root canal therapy is to avoid pus in root of a tooth by removing bacteria in the teeth.

To achieve the goal, necessary things are:

  • To block bacteria from entering the teeth during treatment
  • To remove bacteria from teeth
  • To prevent of entering bacteria after removing them

With sterilization technicians, we offer the best treatment


In our clinic we deal with sterilization not only hardware side but also soft side, and we have 2 sterilization technicians who prevent hospital infection and implement risk controls for safe treatment.