厚生労働省指定臨床研修医療機関 医療法人 誠仁会 りょうき歯科クリニック

More than 90 doctors and stuffs fully support your oral health for 364 days a year including weekends and national holidays by 10 pm.

  • 1年364日診療

    364 days a year service including weekends and national holidays by 10 pm

    Our clinic opens 364 days a year except for Jan.1.
    We cover the requests from patients who are too busy to visit us and who needs emergency services.

  • More than 90 staffs

    More than 90 doctors and stuffs offer the best treatment for you.

    We installed(MC X5)the earliest in Kansai area, more than 90 doctors and staffs support patients’ health using our professional, moving force, and technical strength.
    We have 200 outpatients a day, and more than 200 new patients a month.

  • Complete painless treatment

    With complete painless treatment, we ease your anxiety.

    We offer painless treatment to ease your anxiety.
    In the implant treatment and dental root treatment, Anesthesiologist support you with the doctors.
    We have many treatment methods including electric injection with a thin needle and intravenous sedation.

  • Thorough infection prevention

    With the thorough infection prevention and sterilization, we offer comfortableness and safety.

    To offer the comfortable and safe dental care, we have the quality manager who control the medical site.
    We use disposable equipment as much as possible, and we prevent the in-hospital infection.
    Some hospital clean only some parts, but we detach and clean all parts.

  • Short-term intensive care

    Short-term intensive care for busy patients

    We offer the short-term intensive care, which reduces the frequency of visit and extends the time of treatment per day. Also, we support the CEREC course, which completes the treatment within a day at shortest.

  • Short-term intensive care

    Clinic certified as “outpatient ring” from local welfare branch of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

    “Dental Outpatient Medical Examination Environmental System (outpatient ring)” certified by the local welfare department of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,
    Measures such as emergency response during treatment and installation of equipment and instruments as measures against infectious diseases
    It is the system that is going.
    Ryuki Dental Clinic strives to create a medical environment in which patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.

  • Custom made

    We seek for the caring medical care and the ideal technical material

    We suggest and support custom-made treatment for you considering your need and symptoms.
    We also have support staffs of informed counselor and hospitality manager.

  • prevention and maintenance

    We focus on prevention and maintenance

    We believe prevention and checkups are basic of dental care, and support patients’ oral health.
    Taking regular care at home and professional care at clinic will also contribute the body health.

  • Newest equipment

    With the supreme equipment, we offer the advanced medical care

    We introduce the top-class equipment in Kansai area, and we implement the efficiency of treatment and reduction of the patients’ physical burden. Doctors learn the newest dental care at seminars and training, and maintain the high-level knowledge and skills.

  • Easy access

    Easy access by public transportation and cars

    We are located in the convenient area, easy to access by public transportation and cars.
    We have patients from the whole area of Osaka and Nara.
    We are close to Hanshin Expressway Takaida exit, and easy access within the city.
    We have parking spots near our clinic.